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Borg (style) Joist Hangers
Versa Beam 9"x9" Stud's
Tilt-Up Wall Braces (Galvanized)

With 30 years of sales & customer support we are pleased to supply & stock Borg Joist Hanger style exterior bridge deck adjustable joist hangers, 32' Tilt Up Wall Braces, Adjustable Tilt-Wall Pipe Braces (Galvanized), and versatile stud beams to forming & shoring contractors around the country delivered at super prices. For additional information on trusted leading edge products from LIG call 855-858-6633.

LIG Forming & Shoring Materials

Tilt Up Wall Braces


NEW (Galvanized)

Galvanized, rust free, precast concrete wall braces available sizes. (K4) Adjustable from 14' 6" to 23' 6" Galvanized Tilt Wall Bracing. (K5) Adjustable from 22' 6" to 39' Galvanized Pipe Braces. LIG Tilt-Up Wall Braces are also available in 32 foot fixed lengths (K12) complete with optional 10 foot extensions and tilt-up brace couplers.


"Your ONE STOP SHOP for New Galvanized Tilt-Up Wall Braces."

Borg Hangers


NEW (Borg style)

LIG bridge deck exterior Borg Joist Hangers style are built strong with Heavy Gauge Steel for repetitious elevated slab forming, reshoring, or high haunch conditions. LIG Adjustable Joist Hangers are fully adaptable to nearly any construction situation where pre-cast, concrete, or steel girders are used. In stock and ready to ship, delivered at a super price.

Efco Super Stud


NEW (Compatible)

VERSA BEAM is lightweight, versatile, and strong. VERSA BEAM is compatible and interchangeable with other popular formwork erector set systems. The strength of the all steel studs can be compared to a 7" or 8" double channel assembly, but with less weight. VERSA BEAMs can be bolted end to end to form a straight rigid continuous beam. VERSA BEAM studs are available in 9"x9" size.

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