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BORG Adjustable Joist Hanger (style)



 LIG Forming & Shoring can supply you with quality Exterior Bridge Deck BORG Joist Hangers (style) in stock and delivered at a GREAT Price!


LIG Bridge Brackets are constructed of Heavy Gauge Steel providing long life & numerous reuses. Like the Borg joist hangers set-up and stripping times are substantially reduced constructing suspended concrete slab bridge decks. With the LIG Adjustable Joist Hanger, compared to coil-rod and hanger methods, setting the deck elevation is quick & easy.



  • Commercial Buildings
  • Bridge Decking
  • Parking Ramps
  • Box Culverts
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Elevator Shaft Caps
  • Grain Transfer Pits
  • Waste Water Containments
  • Tunnels



LIG Adjustable Joist Hangers


Built Strong for repetitious elevated slab forming, reshoring, or high haunch conditions. No special tools, no sacrificial hardware. Setup and Teardown is fast and efficient. Like the BORG adjustable hangers, LIG hangers are fully adaptable to nearly any construction situation where pre-cast concrete or steel girders are used.


The LIG Adjustable Joist Hanger System


Fast Simple Strong AND IN STOCK




Hangers are installed by placing the support angle on top of the beam flange and inserting the joist. As with the BORG bridge deck hangers turn the adjusting handle to raise or lower the formwork to its proper elevation. Removal of the Release Pin allows Jack-Screw Assembly to be taken out, allowing the joist to be stripped.



LIG Adjustable Joist Hanger manufacture specifications exceeds The BORG Hangers capacity & safety factor ratings. (5,000 lbs. capacity. Provides 2:1 safety factor.) Slab forming is faster than other techniques and as with the Borg Joist Hanger system no special tools or training required.






LIG Adjustable Joist Hanger Manufactured Specifications.

·         Heavy support lip - 1/2" plate

·         Solid joist bearing plate - 3/16" x 1 1/2"

·         Supports 2" x 6" through 2" x 12" lumber, up to 13' length

·         Thick body - 10 gauge steel

·         Rust resistant surface - zinc plated

·         Removable lower unit - slides in and out easily

·         Jack screw - allows up to 9" of grade adjustment

·         5,000 lb capacity, 2:1 safety factor


LIG Joist Hanger Specifications Datasheet:



Our Ongoing Success

We are pleased to Manufacture and Supply a Superior Bridge Deck Joist Hanger System at a GREAT Price. LIG Forming & Shoring can provide you technical data sheets & guidance gained from over 30 years of sales & customer support. For additional information on the Exterior Bridge Deck BORG style Joist Hanger System or other trusted leading edge products from LIG Forming & Shoring, please call 855-858-6633.


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