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Galvanized, rust free, precast braces are in stock and available. (K4) Galvanized Tilt Wall Braces are adjustable from 14' 6" to 23' 6". (K5) Galvanized Tilt-Up Pipe Braces are adjustable from 22' 6" to 39'. LIG (K12) Tilt-Up Wall Braces are also available in size 32 foot fixed brace lengths made of heavy duty steel complete with optional 10 foot extensions and couplers.

The LIG (K12) 32 ft. Tilt-Wall Braces are all steel, heavy duty tilt up pipe braces designed to quickly and easily align and brace precast or poured in place concrete wall panels. Rough adjustment of the LIG galvanized precast telescoping tilt up braces easily slide to the nearest incremental hole. Final adjustment is then achieved by simply turning the adjustable pipe brace. Tilt up wall braces are available in numerous sizes delivered at a great price.





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